Outcome 1 Basic Skills – 160 learners will have increased opportunities to improve basic skills by at least 1 level (a minimum of 104 learners to improve their basic skills one level by the end of the project) (a minimum of 24 learners to achieve level 2 basic skills)
In year three, quarter two Adult Education held a review of their basic skills and changed the delivery of their basic skills course from twelve weeks to an intensive thirty week course. To ensure FROG could continue to engage with up to ten learners each quarter and achieve our quarterly planned milestones we had to provide a more flexible learning programme. The project coordinator met with a number of learning providers to discuss what options were available to deliver positive learning outcomes for our learners. To date sixty three learners have gained a  level 1 basic skills with twenty six gaining a level 2 basic skills qualification. Following changes to course delivery. Six learners have gained a level 1 customer service qualification, two have gained retail level 1 and one gained retail level 2, seven have gained youth work level 1, one has gained an advice and guidance level2 and 3 qualification and seven learners have went onto achieve a level 1 ECDL IT qualification. In total the project has supported 87 learners to gain a level 1 and 29 to gain a level 2 qualification. A further eight learners have been booked onto the next ECDL IT course in quarter three year 4 starting the 31st July.


In addition, the project has supported eight young people aged 15/16yrs not in mainstream education who attend Pathways. They have undertaken an open college network certificate in crime and anti social behaviour. Attended eight weeks driver theory training, four hours practical driving within a safe environment and a visit from the Council’s routes to employment officer to discuss the young people’s career pathway. Our work with Pathways a school for young people with Social, Emotional and Behaviour difficulties has received excellent feedback from the Schools Head Teacher. All eight have been offered further theory training and a promise if they go on to sustain a college placement, further training/apprenticeship or gain employment and sustain for twelve months. They will receive the first twenty driving lessons at £5, free theory and driving test. We have kept in contact with the young people over the summer holidays to help support them continue to practice their theory test training.
Young People practising their driving skills in a safe environment.
drivinglessons    car
The project co ordinator continues to work in partnership with a wide range of education/training providers to deliver a minimum of four education/training courses a year. We are now in our third quarter and supporting eight new learners to gain a minimum of a level 1 ECDL IT course. To date 87 learners achieved a level 1 qualification, 29 achieved a level 2 we expect by the end of the project to achieve our planned milestones 104 learners to gain a minimum of level 1 by end of project. We have achieved our planned milestones of 26 (29) learners have gained a level 2 qualification.