Outcome 2  160 learners will have increased opportunities to employability skills.  A minimum of 104 learners to gain employability skills level 1 by end of project) ( A minimum of 26 learners to achieve level 2 by end of project)
To date 96 learners have received employability skills level 1. All our learners have an opportunity to leave the project with a CV, how to write a covering letter and more confidence when attending job interviews.  

Outcome 2 – Commence a rolling programme of Vocational Skills.
Throughout the project learners have had an opportunity to gain some additional practical vocational skills. Thirty eight learners have opted to do vocational training in food hygiene, manual handling, first aid and health and Safety. In total the project has supported thirty eight learners to gain vocational qualifications relevant to the work place. To date 96 learners have achieved a level 1 employability skills qualification against a target of 104. We expect to achieve our planned milestones for level 1 employability skills by the end of the projectIn addition, eight young people aged 15/16yrs have gained an OCN certificate in crime and anti social behaviour. The project also supported thirty six people to gain additional vocational qualifications.