Outcome 5 – A minimum of 92 learners will have an opportunity to pass their theory test by end of project and a minimum of 80 learners will gain a full driving license.
To date 73 learners have passed their driving test. 89 have passed their theory test. We are confident we will achieve our planned outcomes. All our learners receive driver theory training to help prepare them for their theory test. Feed back from learners suggest many would find it difficult to pass their theory test without the additional support we provide. Learners will only go onto learn to drive when they have passed their theory test. We have also set up a bank of theory/driving tests and driving lessons that have been funded from partner organisations but not all learners have completed course. These are then banked and offered to those learners who have shown commitment and would likely pass a second theory or driving test and/or need a few additional lessons.

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