Outcome 4 – A minimum of 56 learners will go into Further Education, Training or Employment by the end of the project)
Despite the economic climate the project will achieve its planned milestones. Through well established networks and one to one support we are pleased to report forty two people have gained employment. Employment opportunities have included retail, mobile beauticians, environmental work, business and IT, community development, youth work, car mechanics and care work.
Fourteen learners have gone into further education/training and two young learners from year one who were not in education, training or employment have now gone onto higher education. The project co ordinator has not directly held a jobs fare. This is due to larger organisations organising jobs fares of which our learners are invited to attend. A total of 64 learners have attended jobs fair. In addition, a number of training and employment support staff have attended our centre to meet learners and discuss training and employment opportunities with them.